Cage Repairs

Fundraising target $5,500

Raising $5,500 will provide enough funds to repair orangutan cages at the Batu Mbelin Care Centre, located near Medan in North Sumatra.

The Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme (SOCP) runs the Batu Mbelin Care Centre. SOCP is a collaborative programme involving numerous organisations.

Illegally held orangutans that are confiscated in Sumatra are taken to the Batu Mbelin Care Centre. Many have been kept as pets or have been injured by palm oil plantation workers. Orangutans are given a full medical check upon arrival and treated for any illnesses and parasites. They undergo a quarantine period before being introduced to other compatible orangutans. Many confiscated orangutans are very young and require regular milk feeds. Young orangutans have full time carers during the day and night and are also given tree-climbing lessons in the grounds.

When orangutans are deemed suitable for release they are either sent to the Bukit Tigapuluh release site in the province of Jambi or to the Jantho Reintroduction centre in the province of Aceh. As of the end of 2010, over 220 orangutans had been received at the Batu Mbelin Care Centre, with 135 orangutans transferred to Jambi for release and six transferred to the newly established Jantho Reintroduction Centre. Over 120 Sumatran orangutans from Batu Mbelin have been released into the wild since the first release in 2003.

Pledge for our primates and secure hope for their future!

We would like you to come to understand that the habitat of the orangutan, the tropical rain forest, is vital to not only orangutans but to other wildlife and to all of us on this planet. Rainforests and related ecosystems provide important services from climate moderation, to water quality and erosion control, to storehouses of genetic, species and ecological biodiversity. Rainforests need to be sustainably managed to maintain these services. We want to inform citizens in our own communities of this connection and continue to enlighten local people in areas near orangutan habitat.