Peat Swamp Protection or Restoration

Fundraising target $6,250


Central Kalimantan, Indonesia

In order to maintain Sabangau's forest cover and peatland resource and hence its high biodiversity, large orangutan population, natural resource functions and carbon store, there is an urgent requirement to restore the natural hydrological conditions of the ecosystem that have been severely compromised by intense illegal logging. Forest fires and illegal incursions into the forest must be prevented and deforested areas need to be restored. Illegal logging canals will be dammed and forest fires will be fought by supporting, training and equipping fire-fighting teams in local villages. TOP provides vital funds every year to support these activities.

Pledge for our primates and secure hope for their future!

We would like you to come to understand that the habitat of the orangutan, the tropical rain forest, is vital to not only orangutans but to other wildlife and to all of us on this planet. Rainforests and related ecosystems provide important services from climate moderation, to water quality and erosion control, to storehouses of genetic, species and ecological biodiversity. Rainforests need to be sustainably managed to maintain these services. We want to inform citizens in our own communities of this connection and continue to enlighten local people in areas near orangutan habitat.